Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Descendants of James A. Fields

Margaret Fields Johnson (sitting), a granddaughter of James A. Fields and Carrie Washington Fields, and her daughter, Margaret. The elder Margaret is the daughter of Dr. Sterling Fields who was the eldest son of James A. and Carrie Washington Fields. Mrs. Johnson’s mother was Katie Scott Fields who lived to be 109 years old.

Margaret Fields Johnson was born in 1914 at what is now the historic James A. Fields House in Newport News, VA. Her family moved from the house when she was very young. She is very pleased that her grandparent’s home remains in the community as a historic landmark and wonderful museum welcoming visitors to appreciate and learn about the many contributions of James A. Fields. Mrs. Johnson is most appreciative of the work of the late Gregory Cherry in restoring the house and for the dedication of his wife, Saundra Cherry in continuing the work of her late husband in preserving our rich American history.